Westie’s Skin Problems

Westie’s Skin Problems


Having taken my Westie to the Vets with skin problems, I decided after 7 months of virtually no improvements, I would try some natural products and that is how I came to meet Margaret.

My Westie’s sore skin was exposed on his back – under and along his tail and the insides and outsides of his hind legs. I used Forever Living’s soap, Vet. spray, alternated gelly and propolis cream and gave him the Gel and pollen tablets in his feed. First the soreness calmed down and then, within about 3 weeks I could see the healing taking place. A few weeks later hair was starting to grow and he was not agitated/scratching like he was before.

Every now and then I give him a Gel (drink) just to keep his immune system topped up.

Mrs. M. Wirral

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