Stacey & Dane

Stacey & Dane

Dane was diagnosed with coffin joint DJD back in May 2008. He received all the normal treatment – remedial shoeing, steroid injections (high dosage and very expensive) as well as also receiving joint supplements – but he never seemed to be comfortable in himself.

I started using Aloe Vera Forever Freedom in September, since then I have seen dramatic improvements in Dane’s health and his coat look amazing!

He is currently still in the “healing” stage of his journey but now comes out of his stall like a 7 year old and not the 17 year old that he is.

I can’t thank Margie enough for her advice and support; she is always at the end of the phone if you have any concerns that need answering. After several years of trying all the regular supplements without success I can finally see the light and feel like I’m getting my boy back.

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