Relief from Crohn’s Disease

Relief from Crohn’s Disease

I have suffered from Crohn’s Disease for most of my life. After two resection operations I was offered early retirement from my teaching career, which I took. I was three stone underweight and was still recovering from the last operation at the time. I thought I would easily get a new job but at the age of 50 with no regular income and with one interview in two years I was unable to find work. With two young children and the same overheads as when I was working I started to get into debt.

There comes a point where you simply have to do something for yourself and this was it. I started trying natural methods to gain relief from my Crohn’s disease, including acupuncture and hypnotherapy. None of these worked for me but one day in 1997 a friend suggested I try drinking FLP Aloe Vera Gel as it had worked for her digestive disorder. At that moment, even though DI did not know it at the time, my life had taken a fantastic new direction.

FLP’s Aloe Vera Gel calmed down my symptoms very quickly. I have been drinking it for over seven years now and am not on any medication. I also take other FLP products daily for my Crohn’s disease such as the Arctic-Sea and Bee Pollen, but the Gel is the most important. I also suffered from acid reflux due to a hiatus hernia but since drinking the Gel that has gone away, never to return.

Needless to say, on the strength of what the products had done for me, I joined FLP and have found it to be the most rewarding and fulfilling professional career. For the last five years IBD patients have been recommended to me by the Gastro-enterology Dept. of my local hospital. I have now written a guide to natural self-management strategies for IBD sufferers, which includes a section on Aloe Vera and the Colitis clinical trial with our Gel. My mission is to get the whole country drinking FLP Aloe Vera!

I am 58 and have never felt better or happier in my life!

Grahame – Wirral

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