My involvement

My involvement

I first became involved with FLP. being introduced to the products as I had a health problem that was not being addressed with conventional medication.

The products so impressed me, that friends wanted to try them and so a regular request for the products ensued.

I then realised the potential for business on a part-time basis, which increased to other people needing to have another income. Forever Living Products has put in place an excellent, ethical and unique concept of business allowing people to have a part-time business or full time business with full training throughout the country.

My main interest initially, was helping friend’s animals as they also suffer with health issues. and it has been facinating to help these problems that again were not necessarily being addressed fully by the drugs/medication they were on.

Over the years, I have built up a great team around me and have travelled up and down the country, even internationally, meeting a variety of like-minded people.

Forever Living Products also has a great range of personal products, including beauty treatments and an excellent cosmetic/skin range.

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