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Margi Alli
— Forever Living

Way back in November last year I asked Margi if she would be able to help with my puppy Max, who was having trouble with his back legs. We arranged a time and Margi called round to mine after work so she could see how he was using his legs. He’s a St Bernard puppy which grow at a fast rate and also can not be over exercised. and this had resulted in Max’s case with him having weak back legs which he preferred to shuffle on rather than stand up. Margi understood all this and we had a good and detailed conversation about Max’s legs, his breed, my vet (who I wasn’t happy with) and also cases Margi had with other dogs.

In the weeks before he took aloe there were no signs of improvement but since Magi’s visit I have been giving Max aloe everyday and have definitely seen an improvement with him. At the same time Max is growing himself and his muscles are getting stronger, but I have absolutely no doubt that the aloe has aided in his progress. Within about a month other people who have seen him on his legs also noted an improvement and I am so confident that the product has benefited Max that I have no intentions in stopping using the product. And as an added bonus Max’s coat is in really good condition.

All in all I absolutely cannot fault the service I have received from Margi, the home visit after work hours was much appreciated and she dealt very well with being pushed about and slobbered on by Max. Since her visit she always asks how he is getting on when I her and takes an interest in his progress and has made other suggestions in what might help him. Apologies in the delay for the reference but I wanted to give it a good few months so I could give an honest account in the benefits of the product.

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