I have known Margaret for many years and so when she asked me if I would be interested in finding out the benefits of Forever Living’s aloe products, (my children and myself are into athletics) I naturally said I would.

Recently, I had a tear in one of my left quads (a muscle at the front of the thigh). Whilst circuit training I felt something pull Unfortunately I had no products with me apart from a sample of propolis cream.

I looked at my thigh, where I found an angry blueish bruise, and it was very
painful to touch. I decided to massage the propolis cream into the injury for a good 5 mins, and again 10mins later. After the second application, the bruise had gone from blue to purple to red and felt much better but still very sore.

After getting home, I applied heat lotion which again was massaged in for 5 mins. and went to bed.

The following morning, the bruise was browny/yellow in colour and very little pain. I decided not to train the following day and applied heat lotion twice more. By the third day the bruise was completely yellow and I was back training on the fourth day completely pain free.

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