Dear Margie,
I am sorry it has taken so long to send this to you, above is Jinny full of health, and getting a first. Twelve months prior to this the yard where I kept Jinny was hit by Strangles, I was worried sick Jin would catch this terrible disease. Vets said she could be vaccinated but I thought that was useless as almost every horse on the yard were showing symptoms.

Since you told me about Forever Aloe Vera which you know I take for my own health problems with such good results, I thought I would try Jin on it and see if it would prevent her catching this disease. I put her on 250 mls for one week and then cut it down to 200mls for a week she showed no signs of contracting anything, so I reduced it again to 150mls and then  again to 120mls, and kept her on that amount till the yard was free of the virus.

Not only was she a picture of health she was in really good condition, obviously with 3 months of the virus on the yard there wasn’t any turnout except for the sick paddock where the ‘sick horses’ went out, she was in and just being ridden when possible. The only problem we had with her was that her hooves were growing so fast she was constantly having to be reshod.

Thankfully at the end of the outbreak she was fine and really healthy. I had never seen strangles before it was awful so many sick horses and in so much pain, there were only two horses who didn’t catch it one was Jinny and the other an old boy who had survived it before. Now I use Aloe for sweetitch mudrash skin conditions breathing problems such as copd and it has fantastic results.

If you have a horse or pony I say the only thing you need to keep it healthy is Aloe Gel and my first aid kit is Vet spray Jelly tube, properlis cream and the soap and shampoo are brilliant keeping the white bits white.

Thanks again for all your help best wishes Sue

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