Horse Testimonials

Horse Testimonials

I have helped many animals and humans in the time I have been doing this business. Here are just a few of the unusual problems I have been able to help with using our products.




I made a ‘phonecall to a horse owner who, after 12 months of having her horse box rested after a leg (which was successful) was being strongly advised to have the horse put down in three days time. Although the operation was successful, infections had persisted and having had numerous anti-biotics for many months it was time to call it a day. I knew the owner was very distressed about the decision she had to take, but asked for just one more week – with the drink Gel – to see if we could turn the situation about. After a week, with no contact, I texted her to hope her horse was improving – no reply – so I thought the worst had happened.Two months later, I received a text – “Will Aloe Vera help to calm my horse down as he is so well that I am having my hands full bringing him in to work!” say no more.


I visited a yard where an elderly horse was poor/not easting and very lethargic. When I saw him he was thin with a dull coat and having seen his diet it was obvious that his feed was an issue, but also he had a goiter! This was not mentioned to me originally and when asked what the Vet was recommending the owner doing with the situation, the owner was dismissive. We gave the horse the Gel for his feed which I find helps with poor appetite. We also adjusted his feeding regime.

A couple of months later, I went to see another horse on the same yard. The owner of this horse said I had to see the elderly horse as he was so much better and where the goiter was originally from beneath the jowl stretching down to his chest, it had halved in the 2 months. He was also much brighter. Sad the owner was apparently still dismissive!

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