From Pension Crisis to Financial Freedom

From Pension Crisis to Financial Freedom

Name: Jeff & Sue Hirth Background: Panel Beater/Catering
At the age of 57, I was, stressed, and suffering from depression. I lost my garage business in the recession of the late 1980’s, negative equity in the housing market caused the bank to call in my working capital overdraft and the building society to repossess our house. Even the private pensions I had been paying into were taken from me and cashed in so after over 40 years of working hard and saving for my retirement I was left with nothing — no hope
— no life — no future.

In the same year Sue, who was a Catering Manager, was made redundant – her boss told her she was a luxury he couldn’t afford and he was going to have to let her go! After many job applications, she found herself out of the job market because she was over-experienced, over-qualified and over the hill.

I told her she’d reached her sell by date! she was 40, overlooked and very worried about our future. In 1993 1 received a phone call from a friend offering me this opportunity, I said no thank you, two days later he called again, this time the NO was in motor trade language! On his third call, he said – This is your last chance Jeff, I won’t call again, don’t you think you owe it to Sue and the family to at least take a look? You’ve got nothing to lose, and if you like what you see, then this opportunity could change your future!

When I reached the age of 65 my government pension was just £400 a month! Imagine surviving on that? – We earn more than that a day now! My old age pension pays for our gym membership, a cleaner and a gardener that’s the life!

What about today? We have a fantastic work/life balance, work part time, drive fabulous cars , holiday in exotic destinations like Hong Kong China, Vancouver, Hawaii and Las Vegas! We now enjoy the kind of peace of mind that only financial freedom can give you with no worries about the future.


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