Doreen’s Story

Doreen’s Story


Over 15 years ago I was introduced to Aloe Vera by a friend who suggested that it could help an arthritic problem I had been suffering with for some years. After drinking the Aloe Gel for some time, I began to feel the benefit; much more energy and vitality and even my arthritis improved greatly. I couldn’t stop talking to friends and family about the benefit of Aloe Vera, and before long I became a distributor and looked at the business opportunity the company had on offer.

My husband had just retired from banking and decided to work with me and together help develop the business, which has been very successful and rewarding.

We enjoy a good income, a car provided by the company scheme, many trips to the USA – all expenses paid for – what an experience!

I look back now and realise how much our life has changed for the better, much improved health, more time, more money, more fun and lots of new friends.

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