Case Studies

Case Studies


A friend’s horse had 5/6 bleeding ulcers protruding from the sheath and had been asked by the Vet to just wash twice daily. The horse had lost a lot ofweight and had tuft’s ofhair all over his body, as though his winter coat had not totally gone — this was July. I went to see this horse specifically to soothe and possibly stop the bleeding. Aloe Vera Soap, Gelly, Shampoo and Gel plus 1 0 days later, the ulcers had gone and his coat was smooth with a shine and the horse was out in the fields with the other horses and had been ridden once. Had gained a lot ofenergy and looking very well.

Obviously, these ulcers were secondries but over a 2 month period, according to the owner the tumour behind the sheath had shrunk by 1/2


My own l4year old cat, Stanley, was diagnosed with cardiac decease. I took him to the Vet who found his heart rate to be racing between 140 and over 200 and said basically he should be dead! Stanley was kept in by the Vet and lOOmis plus was removed from around the heart area that night. Four days later, I brought a very sick cat home. I was given a diuretic pill to give him daily. Initially I had no problems administering these pills but as Stanley got stronger the fighting started and I felt it was unfair as the prognosis was that he would probably only live a week, two at the most. But during this time I gave him the Aloe Gel in his milk and when I took him back to the Vet for a check-up, he could not believe it was the same cat. His heart rate was I 1 8/9 which is normal but still obviously had the heart condition. The prognosis was still the same but I continued with the Aloe Gel. Stanley lived a further l4months very happily without any drugs which is what I was happy about


One of my customers had a canary that had suddenly stopped singing. He was very lethargic and his feathers were regularly falling out. Aloe Vera Gel in his drinking water and sprinkled on his seed brought him back to normal very quickly. Next visit to the owner, I heard the canary singing before I entered the room and his body was totally covered in new feathers.


I was asked to see a dog with liver damage. He was 10 years old and was originally a rescue as a puppy. He had always had this problem but the Vet said it had reached a serious point and with the owner’s permission, would like to try the Aloe Vera. Within 2 months, the dog was very much improved and friends ofthe owner commented that they had never seen the dog look so well and be so energetic.


A regular customer had found that her goldfish had suddenly bloated overnight. Cathy had remembered me telling her to use the Aloe Gel for anything so she put some ofthe Gel into the fish tank and the next morning the fish was back to normal. The problem did not reoccur.


A lady asked if I could help her 2year old Staffordshire dog that had developed multiple allergies. He was being treated by a Vet but having been recommended to a specialist the results were still not very good. The Vet was quite happy for the dog to try the Aloe Vera. The dog was having 3 injections daily to accommodate the multiple charges that the specialist had recommended. Within a couple of
weeks, the dog improved considerably — having the injections and the Aloe Gel — resulting in the Vet. wanting to see me.


This elderly Border Collie dog had been treated by different Vets. For many months, with wet excema under the jaw and neck. The creams that had been used had not had an impact at all. After using Aloe Soap, Vet. Formulary and Gelly the area had totally healed within one month. The dog also took the Aloe Gel to help with her stiff joints.


A Shetland Pony was stable constantly in case the lamanitis developed and he was on Bute for this condition. He was also on the verge ofCushings Decease ofwhich he was given another drug. The pony was in his early 20’s but had been very successful in competitions in driving. Since having the Aloe Vera, the pony has moved yards and is out in a field all day and stabled at night. He is very well indeed and is back in the trap. The owner has stopped the Bute and the other medication for the moment and cannot believe the change in the pony’ s wellbeing.


This young lady was in hospital when her mother called me. The abscesses at the back ofher throat had prevented her swallowing and the hospital was only able to give her fluids. The young lady had been on different anti — biotics but without success. As it was Easter, the hospital allowed the young lady home just for the weekend provided she could drink. I saw her on the Thursday and suggested she took the Aloe Beny Nectar and gargle with Aloe Activator. When I called on the Monday, she was up and eating fish fingers and chips. Apparently, the abscesses burst on the Saturday, and she felt so much better. By continuing to drink the Aloe Berry Nectar, the young lady gained energy quickly and recovered far sooner than was expected.

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