Forever Living Products

World’s Largest Producer of Aloe Vera…

Forever Living Products, together with its affiliates, is the world’s largest producer of Aloe Vera.

FLP is vertically integrated. This means it owns everything that it needs from plants to factories, bottle manufacturing to vehicles, thereby giving it total control over supply and quality.

FLP only uses the fillet of the leaf and has a patented stabilized production process which maintains the healing properties of the product. FLP is also the largest producer of products from the Bee Hive and owns approx. 500 square miles of bee hives in the Sonoran Desert.

In addition, FLP has an advisory board of doctors, vets and nutritionists to assure quality.

FLP is member of the Direct Selling Association, has an Investor In People Award, a Kosher Rating and the Islamic Seal of Approval. FLP products are not tested on animals. All FLP products:

  • Come with a 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Are NOT tested on animals
  • Have a Kosher rating
  • Have the Islamic seal of approval

Forever Living Products have dedicated themselves to finding nature’s best resources for health, wellbeing and beauty and making the world aware of them.

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